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We implement CSR commitments and programs across our business portfolio according to our guidelines and in line with our business capabilities.

Paiton Energy - Indonesia

Nebras Power Portfolio

PE has continued to place emphasis on community relations and seeks to maintain the existing positive relationship by continuing to target community projects, which benefit the widest possible population through sustainable investments.The commitment to building and maintaining positive relationships with people living in the areas where we operate is a key priority. Such an approach not only helps maintain the community support for our activities, particularly those that have potential to impact them directly, but also greatly assists in our security efforts through effective Health Agency, Police, Military and Community Networks. During the period, CSR initiatives and programs have been moderated by the requirements to apply management arrangements that comply with COVID-19 controls. PE conducts annual updates based on Social Mapping surveys conducted by external parties. Based on that understanding of the social mapping, the Corporate Social Responsibilities program is planned and budgeted. Very importantly the Company also aligns the program with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as applied in the sector within Indonesia. For 2021 the PE target areas were SDGs

  • 1 – No Poverty,
  • 3 – Good health and Wellbeing,
  • 4 – Quality Education,
  • 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy,
  • 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth,
  • 9 – Industry Innovation and Infrastructure,
  • 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production,
  • 13 – Climate Action, and 17 – Partnership for Sustainable Development.

The Corporate Social Responsibilities programs are planned and implemented in the following categories and focuses on institutions and infrastructures: Improving Community Perception towards the existence of PE and operations; Improving relations between PE, employees and surrounding communities; a Community Empowerment program which focuses upon aspects which promote sustainable benefits… During 2021 the business has been recognized with ten different awards for corporate responsibility contributions. Several main programs are detailed here.

  • Business Sustainability – Ongoing programs in this stream include programs which support Technical Resources Availability (such as the Knowledge Enrichment Program, Vocational Workshop and Vocational High School Support) and 3R Waste Management (e.g., FABA Furnace Bottom Ash Utilization and other non-hazardous accommodation complex and Plant Waste Recycling). 3R-FABA Utilization Program has demonstrated technical compliance with relevant standards and commercial viability. The program continues to be supported by research conducted jointly with the Institute Technology of Surabaya. During the period 6,580 applications were received for entry to the 23 positions on vocational program, indicating the popularity of these are programs within the local communities. Given the number of applicants, screening is applied, with those who are not successful being given an understanding of the nominal entry benchmark requirements so that they could be better prepared should they wish to apply to the program again.
  • Social and Economic Sustainability – The 2021 programs focused on Small Business Development (e.g., Traditional Market Empowerment and Small Business Development), and supported Sustainable Food Production (Organic Farming, Hydroponic and Aquaponic Farming, Fisheries Development, Integrated Cattle Program, Permaculture Development) as well as promoting Community Wellbeing (HIV/AIDS Prevention Campaign and Health Campaigns in the Probolinggo and Situbondo districts). This program involved working with the East Jawa CSR forum where 14 companies came together to support an isolated community in the Kampung Merak near the Baluran National Park. It included a survey of needs and specifically examining as to how to enhance animal husbandry in the district. In addition to these efforts PE responded to the call for assistance for a national emergency response following the eruption of Mount Semeru. PE, amongst other sector participants, provides fully qualified and experienced emergency response teams on a rotational basis. These teams were linked with all national and regional emergency agencies in the recovery efforts following the eruption of Mount Semeru and included providing a wide range of medications, food, water, recovery assistance with recovery and the securing of property.
  • Energy and Environmental Sustainability – The stream continues to have programs which support Natural Conservation like Kampung Blekok Endangered Bird Conservation and Mangrove Conservation (Blekok and Banyuglugur area), Selobanteng Carbon Storage, One Village One Destination (OVOD) Eco-Tourism, and Coral Conservation; support for Renewable Energy initiatives (Energy Learning Center, Hybrid Pico Hydro, Wind Turbine and Biogas); Community Integrated Waste Management (Waste Bank, Ecobrick). Examples being as follows. The Blekok range of initiatives are designed to support the efforts of the village to be a destination of choice for environmental tourism. The combined impacts has brought many socio-economic and welfare benefits to the local community. The Ministry of Tourism has also recognized the village. The village elders have been awarded for the leadership they have shown and partnerships they have developed with industry. A Community Forest Conservation Village Development program in the district of Selobanteng in the Situbondo region has been developed and implemented with the primary goal of enhancing carbon sequestration capabilities. Additional plantings and focused forest management practices are introduced to enable more carbon absorption, enable soil stabilization and enhance the ecosystem flora and fauna in and around the conservation village. The outcomes of these programs are recognized by the Ministry of Environment and Tourism, and the Selobanteng Farmers Association.

Phoenix Power Company (PPC) - Oman

Nebras Power Portfolio

PPC has continued to provide support with a range of different initiatives within the context of the local infrastructure and institutional needs. This has once more been moderated by the impacts of COVID-19 with financial contributions to defined needs in the areas of culture, education and training, health and safety. Owing to COVID-19 restrictions, no initiatives were taken that required human interactions. Cash disbursements were provided to match agreed needs of stakeholders. Highlights of these programs are as described here. The Ministry of Health (MoH) in Oman made several appeals to businesses, large and small, and private citizens to make donations to the Ministry’s efforts to combat the impact of the COVID-19 virus in the Sultanate. PPC made donations to increase community awareness about vaccination against COVID-19. In addition, Phoenix Power Company supported the 6th GCC Cancer Awareness Week in the district of Al Sharqiyyah with donations. In coordination with the Ministry of Social Development, Phoenix Power Company provided donations to families in need of material assistance in the district of Al Sharqiyyah during the holy month of Ramadan, enabling the support of traditional celebrations and the normal family living needs. PPC also supported a range of projects led by the Ministry of Social Development to address the impact of severe flooding in the Sur region. Madayn developed a project to explore opportunities to attract small businesses to the city of Sur through understanding the support requirements of large companies based in the Sur industrial zone. It was an initiative that provided much needed assistance to people living in Sur. PPC provided funding support to the project as part of a group of sponsoring companies based in the Sur industrial zone.

AM Solar, IPP4 and Amman East (Jordan)

Nebras Power Portfolio

The businesses have again continued the annual scholarship program by providing two scholarships in 2021. The program is successful with increasing numbers of graduates who are residents of the nearby village. As part of the ongoing support to educational infrastructure, the local village schools of Al Manakher and Al Khanasa Dabobi have received support attending to a range of needs such as the internet, general building maintenance, computers, stationaries and furniture. The business has again followed the initiatives of previous years by supporting and participating in various events organized by the Jordan Environment Society targeted the public with awareness campaigns and general housekeeping in public parks. Donations were made towards medical aid for the Palestinians a specific donation for medical surgery for rehabilitating a 13-year-old girl. Other initiatives included initiatives where 200 solar water heaters were installed at nearby village houses. In partnership with the Ministry of Energy, the Ministry of Development, Sahab Governor and local communities, 200 energy-efficient light bulbs have been provided to local homes. These initiatives have helped the villagers to reduce their energy consumption as much as 50%. The businesses also supported the renting of the Veterinary Clinic building. This was undertaken on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture with services offered including mobile veterinary on-site services, aligned to the Ministry of Agriculture standards. In addition, on-going meetings and follow-up with local communities and key stakeholders were held. This has included participation in the Olive Oil Festival and Exhibition, which was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and National Agriculture Research Center. The National Agriculture Research Center participants, farmers, and businesses shared and exchanged their experience and knowledge in milk production, milk-based by-product production and marketing.

Shams Ma’an (Jordan)

Nebras Power Portfolio

Shams Ma’an Power Generation continues to implement a sustainable CSR program in the region with contributions to infrastructure and institutions. The areas of investment have again concentrated on youth and education with the support of local NGOs and active community centers. The efforts have been designed to embrace the needs of stakeholders, society, and the managed environment. Some programs provided continuity of CSR commitments from previous years. The Shams Ma’an Power Generation Company has completed a range of activities and programs starting from 2015 though no sports have been supported in 2021 owing to the application of COVID-19 controls. Amongst the programs supported, stakeholders have noted the following actions as the highlights – support to the Ma’an Orphan Center with the provision of meals, transportation, education, utility bills, etc.; supplying the Ma’an Hospital ICU with ventilating machines during the epidemic, in addition to oxygen generators; installation of a PV System for the Ma’an Culture Social Center; distribution of heaters during the winter; improvements to parks and bus stops in Ma’an Municipality by providing park cleaning, painting bus stops, structural maintenance, etc.; supplying safety equipment to Ma’an Education Department for distribution across the Ma’an School District, etc.

Carthage Power Company (CPC) – Rades II (Tunisia)

Nebras Power Portfolio

Carthage Power Company remains a sponsor in a primary school in Rades providing the necessary school supplies for the pupils at the start of the academic year as per the list provided by the Managers and the Head Teacher of the school. Carthage Power Company has provided support to pandemic response efforts by providing medical consumables to the National Civil Protection Services and Fire Fighting unit and contributing to painting the exterior of the Police Station within the Rades Petroleum Complex. It, once again, followed the regional tradition of offering sweets and meals during the Eid El Fitr and Eid El Kabir at the Police Station as a part of Carthage Power Company care and wellbeing support to the actions and engagements of the Police within the security of the Rades Petroleum Complex. Carthage Power Company conceived this effort to reinforce the commitments of all stakeholders to the safety and security of this critical and strategic business zone of Tunisia. Carthage Power Company also provided donations to Tunisian Association of the Blind. Carthage Power Company has continued to be an initiative-taking Board Member of the Groupement de Gestion et de Maintenance “GMG” (Management and Maintenance Group of the Petroleum zone where Carthage Power Company is located) providing leadership and management support. It has also continued to be an active Board Member of the Occupational Medical Agency of the Governorate of Ben Arous. Carthage Power Company today has the reputation of being a management leader in terms of occupational health, safety, and hygiene.